Morphological and Dynamical Characterization of Tamandaré Bay, Pernambuco – Brazil

Daniele Barbosa PORTELLA, Fátima Lúcia Dantas dos Santos, Tereza Cristina Medeiros de ARAÚJO


Pernambuco State coastal zone is highly populated and developed. Coastal erosion is a problem of major concern in this area. Recently it has been intensified due to the lack of knowledge about operating erosive processes. The aim of this work was to identify the presence of any erosive process underway in Tamandaré Bay, an area of about 24km2 at Pernambuco’s southern littoral. Field work have been carried out in monthly surveys from February of 1999 to January of 2000, consisting of 4 contours evenly distributed along the beach just before spring tide during ebb tides. Bench work involved both grain size analysis and the beach morphological and dynamical classification. The data collected suggest an erosive trend for Tamandaré Bay, with a general volume loss of about 125.67 m3 /m, with sand being the dominant sediment size. These results seems to confirm the seasonally of beach profiles, with the exception of contour 3, which showed the opposite behaviour in terms of variation of sediment volume, but has exhibited the same trend for grain size. Tamandaré Bay shows a beach profile of an intermediate type, with the exception of contour 2, which was reflective. These results does not completely explain the behaviour of the sediments in this bay. New surveys should be encouraged in order to identify the patterns of longshore drift, sediment transport and to define whether the actual erosive process is a natural phenomena or not. Key Words: Coastal Erosion;- Beach Profile; Grain Size

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