Morphometry of the sagittal otolith from Atherinella brasiliensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) (Actinopterygii - Atherinopsidae), at the coast of Paraná.

Bárbara M. de CARVALHO, Marco F. M. CORRÊA


In this work was done the description of the morphological and morphometric of the otolith sagitta of the Atherinella brasiliensis together with the linear regressions between biometrics fish and otoliths. Were 145 specimens analyzed with total length of 7.01 cm and with a standard deviation of ± 4.28 cm. All sagitta otoliths of A. brasiliensis showed sulcus acusticus heterosulcoid shape and type ostial. With the growth of the specimens occurred changes in the shape and margins of the otoliths, in specimens having above 8 cm total length of the fish observed a dorsal depression. The appearance of this depression in the dorsal otolith this species is an indication of the stress caused by the first maturation of the species. Key words: Brazilian silverside, teleósteos and regression.

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