The Intellectual Structure of Relationship Marketing Scientific Field: proposing new Avenues of Research from a Systematic Review

Yuri Enes, Talita Lima, Gisela Demo, Fernanda Scussel


We aim to analyze the evolution and the social and intellectual structure of relationship marketing/CRM scientific field and develop a research agenda. We performed a systematic review and bibliometric analysis of 290 articles published between 2015 and 2020. The social structure of the field shows the concentration of publication in developed countries and the predominance of the North-American approach and its focus on consumer centricity. Five research perspectives compose the intellectual structure of relationship marketing scientific field: business-to-business, customer loyalty, adoption and implementation strategies, theoretical developments and digital relationship marketing. We recommend scholars to address relational studies in emerging economies and the role of sociocultural elements in relationship marketing strategies; the impact of social media in consumers and firms relational dynamics; the multichannel context; and the rise of consumption journey as an opportunity to develop relationships in the multiple touchpoints between consumers and firms during the stages of consumption experience.

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