The Production of Digital Narratives about Infinite Involving Images of Mathematics in Pre-Service Teacher Education

Gabriel Souza Gregorutti, Ricardo Scucuglia Rodrigues da Silva


In this paper, we discuss a research we investigated the production of Digital Mathematical Performance (DMP) involving Public Image of Mathematics (PIM). Basically, DMP refers to use of the arts and digital technology in teaching and learning mathematics. In this case, one produced music and digital videos to communicate ideas about infinity. We report a qualitative case study communicating itself through Arts-Based Research following our analysis of two of the seven DMPs produced by pre-service Mathematics teachers in a university`s mobilization knowledge course that was carried out at Sao Paulo State University (UNESP), campus of Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Audiovisual recording of the course’s classes, video analysis of conceptual DMPs, semi structured interviews and surveys and questionnaires composed the production and analysis of data. In terms of findings, we observed alternative PIMs, as those visions promotes feelings such as love and follows dynamic aspects, which regards to mathematics as a human endeavour. We also stress that DMP environment offered ways to contribute with pre-service Mathematics teachers’ education, as undergraduates were engaged in alternative use of digital media and the Arts while developing mathematical activities, forming thinking collectives of humans-with-media.


Arts; Digital Technologies; Mathematical Performance; Convergent Geometric Series; Humans-with-media.

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