Average daily flow estimate using the model mobile media in the watershed of Uruçuí Preto river - PI, Brazil

Raimundo Mainar de Medeiros


The estimate of runoff in watersheds is of great importance for planning, management and conservation of natural resources. However, this estimate is complex from the point of view of the spatial variability of the variables under study, without considering the scarcity of streamflows in watersheds. Knowledge of a rainfall-runoff model that is suitable for a watershed is of fundamental importance to the success of this estimate as well as the development of projects within the basin. Thus, the aim of this study was to use the IPH II model to estimate the daily mean streamflows in Uruçuí Preto river basin (BHRUP). The correlation coefficient between observed and calculated streamflows was 0.95 and the mean square error was equal to 8.2%. The mean square error was influenced by peak of flows was not made during the calibration process. Through simulation it was found that the BHRUP was occupied with 100% pasture, there would be increased soil moisture and as a result there would be major flood peaks with more severe and frequent flooding.


Simulation, water conservation and IPH II hydrologic model

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5935/2237-2202.20160010

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Journal of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing - eISSN: 2237-2202