Airborne Laser Scanner: principles of operation, recent uses in Brazil and regulatory issue from laws and parameters in Brazil and in the USA

Carlos Henrique Sopchaki, Tony Vinicius Moreira Sampaio


DEM generated from LIDAR are being increasingly used in various fields of science. Thus, this article presents a review of the operation of the LIDAR and makes a survey of some recent research using that product in Brazil in order to identify methodologies for assigning spatial resolution of the survey and also the DEM. Also has been approached issue of standards and legislation for assigning spatial resolution both for the survey conducted via Airborne Laser Scanner, as for the Digital Elevation Model generated from the survey. The results showed that in Brazil, there is no standardized procedure with regard to the allocation of spatial resolution and is no shortage of laws and norms that regulate the activity in the country, unlike other countries with several regulatory documents in this area.


LIDAR, Digital Elevation Models, Spatial Resolution, Brazilian Cartographic Accuracy Standards.

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Journal of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing - eISSN: 2237-2202