Creation of Hyper spectral library and Lithological discrimination of Granite rocks using SVCHR -1024: Lab based approach

U. kumara Ganesh, S.Thamarai Kannan


The advances of worldwide research for identification of rocks and minerals in remote sensing data with a help of spectral pattern of different rocks and minerals now a days we all are referring only for USGS or JHU spectral library and these libraries were constructed mostly based on the lithological discrimination of rocks present outside of our country. There is no spectral library available for Rocks and Minerals present in Tamil Nadu. Hence the present study was under taken to construct the hyper spectral library using Spectroradiometer   (SVC HR-1024) which covers 340nm to 2500nm wavelength and this study only carried out in the room environment. In the present study, for creation of the hyperspectral library 21 rocks of Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks were selected from the lab and spectral library was created using spectro radiometer. Different variety of granite rocks were selected based on their physical and chemical properties of rocks such as Granite (coarse and fine grain), Granodiorite, Granite porphyry, Graphic granite and Pegmatite rocks and their spectral reflectance were compare with both hyper spectral library which was created and universal spectral libraries. Spectral behaviour of selected granite rocks shows similar pattern of different rocks and minerals and some variations also observed because of different physical and chemical properties of minerals and environment of collection of spectral behaviour of rocks.


Hyper spectral library, Spectral Reflectance, Lithological discrimination, Granite, SVCHR-1024.

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