Temporal space variability for precipitation in the state of Pernambuco

Adriana de Souza Costa, Wanessa Luana de Brito Costa, Célia Campos Braga, Milena Pereira Dantas


This study aims to make a diagnostic analysis of rainfall at different time scales in the rainfall homogeneous regions of the state of Pernambuco and associate them with weather systems operating in the region. The state was divided into three geographical regions (HR) of rainfall regime, according to Ward's clustering method. In each RH applied to Wavelet Transform (TO) time series of 1995-2015 precipitation. The results showed that in all regions the dominant scale is annual. It is also observed the interaction with the semi-annual and seasonal scales mainly in RH2 and RH3 regions. The TO showed that high levels of rainfall in the regions are associated with different weather systems.



Time series; Homogeneous regions; Wavelet

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29150/jhrs.v7.1.p1-7

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