Radiation and energy balance in dwarf coconut tree with Landsat 8 images in the State of Ceará, Brazil

Antônio Heriberto de Castro Teixeira


Aiming to subsidize the rational management of irrigated dwarf coconut trees with different ages, Landsat 8 images (L8) and climatic data were used through the SAFER algorithm throughout the year 2016 to model the radiation and energy balance of the crop , In the municipality of Camocim, State of Ceará, Northeast Brazil. Despite the similar patterns in the trends of energy balance components among areas with different plant ages throughout the year, evaporative fraction values (Eff) showed limits of 0.58 in the area with plants from three years to 1, 50 in the area with five-year-old plants. The results indicated the need to control the vegetation between the rows in the rainy season with mulching, with consequent moisture conservation in the root zone during drier periods. The algorithm proved to have a strong sensitivity to quantify the energy and mass changes in irrigation plot scales by the union of remote sensing and climatic data.


saldo de radiação; fluxo de calor latente; fluxo de calor sensível; fluxo de calor no solo; Cocus nucifera L


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29150/jhrs.v7.3.p178-188

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