Journal of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Focus and Scope The Journal of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing - JHRS is a monthly journal of scientific publications, which beginning in 2011. It is dedicated to disclosing information about integrative data between hyperspectral imaging and remote sensing methods to improve the knowledge about vegetation, soil and water in tropical environments. Technical-scientific articles, reviews of scientific literature and notes to be published in JHRS must be original, unpublished and relevant to the hyperspectral remote sensing.






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Posted: 2019-06-28

Now you can to publish in English and Portuguese

The JHRS now will to publish in English and Portuguese.  
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Vol 10, No 2 (2020): Journal of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Table of Contents

Hyperspectral remote sensing and Atmosphere

Giselle Lemos Moreira, José Antônio Aleixo da Silva, Rinaldo Luiz Caraciolo Ferreira, Géssyca Fernanda de Sena Oliveira, José Jorge Monteiro Junior, Máida Cynthia Duca de Lima
Diego Lima Crispim, Paulo Eduardo Silva Bezerra, Gabriel Villas Boas de Amorim Lima, Marina Morhy Pereira, Lindemberg Lima Fernandes
Enton Bedini, Jiang Chen
Layse Rafaele Furtado Lima, Rodrigo Fernandes Moraes, Rodrigo Silvano Silva Rodrigues
Jonilson Michel Fontes Galvão, Miqueias Lima Duarte, Amazonino Lemos de Castro, Tatiana Acácio da Silva, Keith Soares Valente
Chandrahas Reddy Addanki, Saraschandrika A, Viswanadha Reddy A