Mineralogical and Spectral Characterization of Soils in the Passo da Pedra River Watershed, in the Southwest of the State of Paraná, Brazil

Elisete Guimarães, Julio Caetano Tomazoni, Elis Suzane Antes, Juliane Mônica Ruthes


This work is an investigation of the spectral behavior of soils which occur in the Passo da Pedra River watershed, in the southwest of the State of Parana, Brazil. In the survey data was used chemical, textural, and spectra obtained in the laboratory and remote sensing. The results indicate that the laboratory spectral responses are influenced by texture, organic matter content, and the mineralogical characteristics of the soil. It was verified that the spectral data of the CCD sensor are directly influenced by the organic matter, interference from cultural remains, and relief type.


Spectral behavior of soil; principal components analysis; spectroscopic methods; satellite data.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26848/rbgf.v7.2.p364-377


Revista Brasileira de Geografia Física - ISSN: 1984-2295

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