The tutoring in nursing through distance education: a reflective approach

Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho, Gláucio Diré Feliciano, Bruna Silva Leite


Objective: to analyze the role of the tutor in nursing in online courses. Method: this is a discussion paper on the role of the tutor in nursing in online courses and their teaching strategies with a view to proposing an interactive education. It is based on a narrative literature review with discussion of the following: interactive work for a pedagogical practice in distance learning and the tutor's skills with a view to cooperative learning in distance education. Results: the nursing faculty who work in Education Distance need a mediator role of knowledge by the student who seeks knowledge. The interactive activities and content are designed with a view to collaborative learning. Conclusion: with this perspective it is understood that the tutor should improve the process of distance learning in order to format the content and use of the virtual learning environment tools.


educação; educação à distância; enfermagem; tecnologia educacional





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