Nursing and work: foundations for health care workers

Zenith Rosa Silvino, Patricia Santos Vieira Moreira, Bárbara Pompeu Christovam, Cristina Lavoyer Escudeiro, Enéas Rangel Teixeira, Angela Maria Nunes de Souza


Objective: To describe the book points out that the changes in the process and organization of work and its influences and consequences on the living conditions of workers. Method: This is a descriptive review. Results: The authors cite theInternational Labour Organization with its universal labor lawsand presents a brief history of the health of workers in Brazil, the importance of the state and society in the promotion andimprovement in working conditions; presents the assignmentsSUS according to the Federal Constitution, also cites the Regulatory Standards (NR) and is a supplement to social security and labor laws as guidelines for occupational health;draw attention to the nursing professionals to raise awarenessand commitment to the promotion and maintenance ofphysical and mental health workers. Conclusion: the book shows the importance gives society participation in the fightfor their rights to make compliance with the existing laws and new developments such rights. Keywords: occupational health;nursing team working conditions.

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Saúde do trabalhador; Equipe de enfermagem; Condições de trabalho.

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