Dynamic model of evaluation and family intervention: collaborative approach in nursing

Zaida Charepe, Ana Resende, Palmira Oliveira, Ana Querido


The book titled Family Assessment and Intervention Dynamic Model was published: a collaborative approach in family nursing, 1 authored by Maria Henriqueta Figueiredo, in Portugal, by Lusociência, in the year 2012. This work was published in 224 pages, presented in five chapters. Chapter I begins "Context and Course" for the presentation of Family Nursing as a Nursing disciplinary field. The second chapter, "References and Theoretical Sources", reiterates the linking of the Family Assessment and Intervention Model (FAIM) with the constructivist theories, assuming coevolutionary changes in family systems. The third and fifth chapters show the identity components of the FAIM: the chapter "Concepts and Assumptions" refers to the central concepts of this framework (Family, Family Health, Family Environment and Family Nursing Care); as well as to the assumptions that express axiomatic statements supporting the Postulates (Principles and Definitions) and Operative Matrix presented, respectively, in chapter four and chapter five.


Educação em Enfermagem; Enfermagem em Saúde Comunitária; Participação da Comunidade; Relações Profissional-Família; Saúde Pública

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5205/1981-8963-v12i12a234720p3535-3536-2018




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