“Give me your Leader, Pegasus!” A study of leadership profiles present in the Knights of Zodiac

Jonathan Julian da Silva Barros, Luiz Sebastião dos Santos Júnior


This article aims to present an exploratory analysis of leadership profiles present in the Japanese series "The Knights of the Zodiac", created by Masami Kurumada. The theoretical basis of the study offers the construction of the concepts of behavioral leadership elaborated by Blake and Mouton in his theory of the Managerial Grid. The objective of the study was to outline the leadership profiles of the main characters in the series "The Knights of the Zodiac" by characterizing them together with the Management Grid. The survey data was obtained through an online questionnaire with fans of the series. These data were processed and analyzed in a descriptive way and demonstrated that among the characters there are those with profiles of democratic leadership and others with autocratic leadership profile. 

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