Edvânia Tôrres Aguiar Gomes, Mariana Zerbone Alves de Albuquerque, Ronaldo Campos


The “Urban Dynamics” Project[1]  is a very important propose to look for understand the urban frame from many analyses and actions scales, as much as in the more organized spaces in developed countries, as in countries in process of democracy consolidation. The urban agents - State, Real estate speculators, Landlords, Owners of means of productions and social groups - are the same all around the world, what changes are the historic and cultural characteristics, in other words what changes is the geographic address. In this way we need to understand the urban world as a totality inside of the globalization. We need to understand the contradictions and complements from the closer and specific to the more common, perceived and represented in a global scale.

[1] Urban Dynamic Project – Erasmus + was a project developed by the European Union, composed by three European Universities (CAU Germany, USC Spain, UP8 France) and two Latin American Universities (USAL Argentina and UFPE Brazil, between 2015-2017).


Urban Dynamics, Good Practices, Social Challenges

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