The Defense Studies in Brazil: from its origins to the creation of the Ministry of Defense

Ludolf Waldmann Junior, Paulo Gustavo Pellegrino Correa


This paper aims to make a brief overview of the history and agenda of Defense Studies in Brazil, an interdisciplinary area that involves political science, international relations and other related disciplines. We will focus our efforts until 1999, when the Ministry of Defense was createdin the second presidential term of Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1999-2002). The Defense Studies have been an important area in Human Sciences - with the institutionalization of the field with the creation of the Brazilian Association of Defense Studies and the attempt to a better dialogue between researchers and the Ministry of Defense - given the historical importance of the military in Brazilian politics and the international projection that the country has pursued in recent decades. In this sense, we will approach our work highlighting the importance and the recent research agenda on civil-military relations in the country.


Defense Studies; Civil-Military Relations in Brazil; Political Science

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