Multivariate analysis of soil moisture data

Any Sena, Josiclêda Domiciano Galvíncio, Valeria Costa, Rodrigo Miranda, Maria do Socorro Araujo, Magna Soelma


Soil water content is an important variable in the understanding of hydrology in agricultural and environmental systems in a region. It is known that soil moisture is related to soil characteristics, porosity, depth, hydraulic conductivity, among others, that is, characteristics that define its typology. Studies related to soil moisture are still very precarious in Brazil. Recently, the Europe Space Agency has provided soil moisture data estimated worldwide with satellite data. This availability made possible the spatial and temporal assessment of soil moisture for different studies in the world, even though we did not know the accuracy of these data. Many studies have used multivariate analysis to find groups that have similar characteristics that can be analyzed and managed with the same actions. Therefore, this study sought to analyze the similarities and dissimilarities between soil types when considering the characteristics of soil moisture, precipitation, soil elevation and soil depth. After applying the statistical methods it was possible to perceive that the soil moisture does not depend strongly on the precipitation and to suggest caution in the analysis of the relations between the humidity factor and the others scored.





multivariate statistics; Ward method; soil moisture

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