Systemic Functional Grammar at work for language pedagogy: recontextualizing the Transitivity system in a website for EFL teachers

Lucas Silva


The objective of this research is to identify which resources are employed
to recontextualize the concepts and categories of the Ideational Metafunction,
assuming An Introduction to Functional Grammar (HALLIDAY; MATTHIESSEN,
2004), as primary context for the pedagogical context of English
teaching. The theoretical framework is based on the concept of recontextualization
(MOTTA-ROTH, 2010) and Systemic Functional Grammar (HALLIDAY;
MATTHIESSEN, 2004) focused on the Transitivity System (HALLIDAY; MATTHIESSEN,
2004). To identify discursive and visual strategies of recontextualization,
I departed from studies on language sciences (MOTTA-ROTH, 2010; LOVATO,
2011; ROSSI, 2012). So, we identified strategies such as de-nominalization
and gloss.

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