Being male in psychological distress in the nursing course

Luiz Felipe Sales Maurício, João Fernando Marcolan


Objectives: to verify presence of psychic suffering in male undergraduate students in Nursing related to gender; Analyze determining factors and attitudes of coping with psychic suffering. Method: a descriptive and exploratory study, with a quantitative approach, carried out at a public university in the city of São Paulo / SP, Brazil, with 16 male students. The data collection was performed with a questionnaire and the data stored in SPSS software 20, then analyzed, presented in tables and discussed with the literature. Results: Participants believed in socio-historically determined prejudice. Coping actions: union between men, showing competence, support of affective persons, believing in their potential. Determinants of psychological distress: gender social prejudice, teachers and health professionals. Conclusion: students present psychic suffering for being men in the Nursing course, stereotypes and prejudices were the main determinants; The acting in a critical and proactive way were the confronting attitudes.


identidade de gênero; enfermagem; sofrimento psíquico; saúde Mental.

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