Monitoring of health education in Nursing: case studies

Bethania Ferreira Goulart, Larissa Bandeira de Mello Barbosa, Carolina Feliciana Bracarense, Marina Pereira Rezende, Natália Gomes Vicente, Ana Lúcia de Assis Simões


Objective: to report the experiences of monitoring experienced along the course of health education in nursing, according to the perception of the monitor scholar and describe the contribution of monitoring for vocational training. Method: this is a descriptive study, based on the experiences of monitoring along the course of health education in nursing, a Federal University of Minas Gerais. Results: the academic monitory favored to monitor the personal and professional development, as well as expansion of the eye on the situations in which it can intervene in order to initiate changes in the context of health. Conclusion: monitoring along the course of health education in nursing represents an opportunity for the monitor approach, based on theoretical and practical knowledge in terms of trade between their colleagues, with the teachers and the community. 


Mentores; Educação em saúde; Enfermagem.



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